Welcome to the home of good times, Fort Street Union.

We've called it a social house and kitchen which is a lot like a bar and restaurant except different in that it's ten times cooler and way more fun. At Fort Street Union we plan to offer you all the stuff you love and hopefully none of the stuff you don't.

We're a modern day pub sort of thing featuring Auckland's coolest and most unique rooftop garden bar, a 100% open kitchen and a snazzy team of guys and girls that love to serve up good valued fun. 

We're located within a 100 year old heritage site in Auckland's old waterfront (Fort Street) with heaps of exposed brick, big timber trusses and a high stud ceiling. And unlike most other 100 year old pubs, we've managed to lose the dodgy old bugger who used to sit at the end of the bar and add a bit of quirky-ness, modernity and funk into the space.

For more of a spiel on how crash hot we think we are, you can check out our Facebook site (which has all our menus, photos and information on current promotions) or follow us on Twitter (which is really just a whole heap of up-to-date by-the-minute banter of our daily doings). 

Like all the other people coming through the doors, we're sure you'll love The Union just as much as we do. Reservations are encouraged but we're also quite happy for you to just casually pop in. 

Drop us a line: party@fortstreetunion.co.nz 
Give us a call: (09) 309 0315 (Although our new phone is just out of the box and we're still learning how to answer it!)

Or if the inter-web or technology isn't really your thing, then swing by the bar and say hi.

Level one
16 Fort Street
Auckland CBD